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Register for Dutch CX-V Clubweekend St. Jansklooster 16 - 17 - 18 August 2018

(NL) Rally Sint Jansklooster 2018

Every year the Dutch Honda CX-V club organises a 3 day rally. This “gezellig” and relaxed meeting always takes place around the third weekend of august. It’s located at camping Kamper Erve, Kadoelen 9, 8326 BA Sint JansKlooster. (abbreviated as SJK). Everybody’s welcome; alone or with your family. We start the rally at Friday afternoon and it ends somewhere on Sunday morning. We’d like you to register in advance. Please register on the Dutch version of this page.
If you don't want to camp you can book a place to sleep in the Campsite’s dormitory. (€13,- p.p.p.n)


Friday 16 august. Saturday 17 august. Sunday 18 august.


Het kamper Erve. Kadoelen 9. 8326 BA Sint Jansklooster.



Please fill out one form per participant. For passengers: please fill out a separate form! Please register on the Dutch version of this page.