Hulp bij de- monteren van blok.
Het blok van een CX is redelijk eenvoudig te demonteren. Het enige probleem is het gewicht wanneer alle bouten los zijn en het blok eigenlijk geen steun meer heeft.
Sture, onze Zweedse vriend heeft er een oplossing voor gevonden.
Zo simpel maar zo effectief!

"The engine stand is made from square steel tubing and flat steel bars. The wooden top (thick plywood) is screwed on top of four rather large bolts (holes in the middle of the bolt heads drilled and threaded to accept the countersunk Allen screws holding the top).

The four legs are open upwards and each bolt rests with a nut on top of a washer on a leg. By screwing the nuts up or down you can easily adjust the heigth of each leg to exact fit.

Engine drop and refitting is an easy one-man job now. Never do I have to worry about loosing control over the heavy and bulky engine lump. I can stop whenever I want to check that all cables are free, etc. Just roll the engine out or in from the frame and always adjust easily. The engine hanger bolts just slide in or out without resistance once the stand is adjusted correctly.

I can't take the entire credit for this gadget myself. I came up with the original idea, but a fellow club member refined it a lot.

Hope you'll find it useful."



(Met dank aan Niek)

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