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Cafe racer

Schrijver jlv58
#1 | Geplaatst: 22 aug. 2007 10:03 
For those who like this type of transformation, here is my last creation.

Schrijver jlv58
#2 | Geplaatst: 22 aug. 2007 10:07 
May be will work that way ?

Schrijver Frans
Forum Lid 
#3 | Geplaatst: 22 aug. 2007 10:35 

That is awesome! Thanks for sharing with us. Can you tell more about this bike? We shall place it in our Showroom next month.


Schrijver jlv58
#4 | Geplaatst: 22 aug. 2007 15:22 | Aangepast door: jlv58 
This came out of a CX 500 1978 that I used tio ride every day to go to work in Paris. Tjhe engine started to have some crankshaft noises, and I got a CX500 custom 1981 instead that I still use every day.
a friend from the French CX club found an other engine, and I turned the old CX into this cafe racer. The exhaust is a 2 into 1 MAC imported from the US, specially made to fit CX500, the seat is new from eBay (upholstery is my job), the tank was found on an old bikes market, but the botom was home rebuilt to fit on the frame. handle bar is from eBay italy, foot rests from ebay Germany (ex Cagiva), the air filters new from e bay too (10$ each), and with some good cleaning and polishing of the head conducts, the filters and theb exhaust, I guess I earned at least 5 cv more (just an impression). Weight is down from 220 kg to 180 kg...need to loose same weight on the pilot too...Frame was cut and welded in some places, to save weight and adapt the seat, the rear brake cable (replacing the bar), and foot rests. All aluminium parts painted in black were polished. It is a real fun to ride.

Schrijver Bikermouse
#5 | Geplaatst: 22 aug. 2007 15:28 | Aangepast door: Bikermouse 
Hello jlv,

That is a really beautiful machine, that you have got there!


Schrijver MAST

#6 | Geplaatst: 30 aug. 2007 20:09 
Awesome! (like they say at OCC)
cafe racer
cafe racer close
Life is like riding a motorcycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. (vrij bewerkt naar Albert Einstein)

Schrijver jlv58
#7 | Geplaatst: 2 sept. 2007 10:05 
Thanks for the pics, Marcel, I could not find how to display them directly into this forum.

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 Cafe racer

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