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Cafe Racers modification

Schrijver Frans
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#1 | Geplaatst: 25 juli 2008 12:40 | Aangepast door: Frans 
[ Via email binnengekomen. Reageer op:]

Dear CX friends,

I am hoping you can read English. I found your web site after doing a google image search for Cafe Racers. I have a 1979 CX500 that I am trying to modify. I like some of the mods I have seen on the bikes on the Dutch Club site, but I'm not very smart or rich. Do you have any links to the suppliers or builders that you use? I really appreciate any help you might be able to give. Just to let you know, I live in NE Kansas in the USA. There are very few custom bikes and fewer custom CX's.
Here is a couple of pics of the mods I have made.



Schrijver cosmar

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#2 | Geplaatst: 25 juli 2008 15:50 
superb looking bike, I myself can't help you with your query but I'm sure some of the other "nuts" will be more than happy to keep you going in your quest.
Keep us posted on your result because so far it looks great.

cosmar (who knows I might have a look at it in person)
een mooie blauwe uit 79, en een vreemde groene uit 97 nu zelfs een gele 650E. Alle stamtafels zijn mij bekend.

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 Cafe Racers modification

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